New Crypto Currency Vrenelium with Machine Learning Support

The Swiss IT startup contexagon, which has specialized in the fields of machine learning, big data and location-based services since 2014, now combines the established blockchain technology with its machine learning platform „Helios“. The resulting cryptocurrency Vrenelium is intended to provide fast, simple and low-cost transactions for smaller amounts and outstanding security for higher transaction volumes. The underlying mechanism is reminiscent of contactless payment with credit cards. Here, smaller amounts can be paid up to a fixed amount without further protection by signature or PIN by simply waving the RFID-enabled credit card over a reader. Due to the limitation of the amount, the risk is calculable. Vrenelium should be similarly uncomplicated in its application. Bitcoin has also started with a similar mission in its early days. Meanwhile, however, the transaction costs have exploded so extensively that the transfer of smaller amounts is virtually no longer worthwhile. In addition, long transaction times make it very difficult to use Bitcoin as cash in everyday life. Vrenelium is utilizing machine learning algorithms to optimize these weaknesses and to enable it as regular payment tool. In addition, the Vrenelium ecosystem is also offering extensive functionalities for smart contracts. The Pre Initial Coin Offering (Pre-ICO) started on 01.09.2017 and ends on 31.10.2017. During this early stage, options for the resulting cryptocurrency (token) can be purchased in Bitcoins and Altcoins in the value of US $ 0.70 per token.

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